Our jewellery are made of precious metals. 

Silver 925

Our silver collection is made of 925 sterling silver. Silver is 75% recycled.

Silver care

Silver gets darker with oxygen after while, but it's easy to clean with liquids what are mentioned for silver cleaning. Also you can get your precious jewellery shine again using a polishing cloth. Use your silver jewellery then they will stay better bright.

The black jewellery is oxidised, which is made by a solution that quickens the natural oxidisation process of silver. It will fading away from edges or high surfices after while. This is supposed to happen.  

Matt surface gets shiny especially in rings when it's in use.  


Gold 14K (585) and 18K (750)

In gold products we use different alloys. We want to choose the best material, colour and alloy for every piece of our jewellery. All our products are nickel free. Gold is 100% recycled. White gold is mixed with palladium, so we don't use any nickel in our white gold alloy products. Also white gold pieces do not have any rhodium platings unless mentioned.


Platinum (950) 

We always say that platinum is the king of all materials. In customer orders and unique pieces we often use platinum. It's whiter than white gold and really long lasting. We use platinum alloy which is mixed with copper or wolfram.  


Palladium (950)

Palladium is a material that is used in a mixture to create white gold. Palladium changes the colour of alloy from yellow to white or gray. Also we use palladium often for jewellery. The material is white, but softer than platinum. You can find some products from Unique and Bespoke gallery. 



The diamonds we use are sourced ethically and conflict-free. Our diamond providers comply with the Kimberley Process scheme and are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council. If requested, we can also use Canadian diamonds, which are responsibly mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.