Päivi Keski-Pomppu is a fine jewellery designer based in Helsinki, Finland. In 2002 Keski-Pomppu received her goldsmith degree, and in 2013 she graduated from the Lahti Institute of Design. In fall 2018 Keski-Pomppu begins studying in the department of interior architecture at Aalto university. 

Born and raised in the tiny village of Torro, in the idyllic countryside of Finland, Keski-Pomppu was already drawn towards handcrafting as a small child. In her work she draws inspiration from a variety of themes, including minimalism, art and architecture, as well as the atmosphere of nature.

Lately she has been working on Under the Boughs and Mirage collections, in which imperfection and roughness bring variety to the collection. Keski-Pomppu’s earlier collection Avarus is based on space and celestial objects.

She has a studio at Teurastamo, where you are warmly welcome to visit by appointment.

The core idea of my jewelry lies within minimal design, which is influenced by art.

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